This is Atelier Tranquilinho, a substack where you can join me in my quest across the oceans of Art - crossroads of (martial) arts philosophy and (analogue) visual storytelling (comics, illustration…)

What can you expect to find in Atelier Tranquilinho?

  • Articles on creating (visual narrative) art and following one’s personal artistic path

  • Articles on the world of illustration and comics: history, economics (i.e. pros and cons of turning pro, different marketplaces…), philosophy…

  • Some works I have created and how did i approached them (illustrations, short tales, comics…)

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A quest across the oceans of Art - around (analogue) visual storytelling


An artistic martial artist, following the trail in the oceans of Arts that the Muses prepared for me. A travel of self discovery, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.